Careful Packaging = Bigger Profits From Your Spa Products

Today, some reminders about the presentation and packaging of your
products and the importance or proper labeling.

When deciding on what type of packaging to use, begin by choosing
the proper size and shape. A standard cube shape is easiest to
transport, stack, and display, although it may be regarded as a
little more “conventional” or “boring” than other types of

You’ll need extra room within boxes for packing materials (such as
tissue paper, straw, etc.) but make sure that your bar of soap for
example does not move around or “rattle” in the container.
Shoppers value and like the feel of a solid package that is
carefully put together.

Be sure to choose the type of packaging that will protect your
product. If you plan on selling your products online, you’ll want
them to arrive safely, even half way around the world.

Don’t be shy about spending a little extra on the packaging. Your
package is part of your product. If you’re clever, you can spend an
extra 50 cents and sell your product for additional $5. A great
return on investment!

Now, let’s move onto your labels.

It’s very important that you stay consistent in your design. This
means using the same font, logo, and layout every time. This will be
part of your brand and how people will remember your products.

When choosing colors, make sure the information is easy to read
(don’t use black type on a dark blue label for example).

If you plan to print your own labels, use quality materials that
are appropriate for your printer (the ink from certain printers
takes forever to dry on labeling materials and can rub off even
days later).

Don’t forget to include the required information such as the best
way to use, store and care for your product. If you have extra room
on your label, including interesting facts or info about other
products you have to offer – and don’t forget instructions on how
to reorder (a phone number or web address is a good start).

Finally, there are rules of compliance you must follow for each
type of spa product. Visiting this site is a good place to start if
you’re based in the USA.