Happy Spring Equinox!

What a winter we have had!  The best ever for this girl, filled with lots of snow-filled activities (like skiing on a frozen Utah Lake!) and cozy nights by a fire to keep the balance.  The little glimpses of spring that are beginning to unfurl here are a treat for these snow-filled eyes.  Seeing bare ground and little crocus flowers pushing through the dirt fuels my excitement to be outside planting and dreaming up our new garden space.  More beds for calendula, planters on the back of the building for hops to vertically explore, food production, more elderberries and blueberries, more grass was torn up for more medicinal herbs, and of course, fencing to keep the herds of voracious deer out.  I am dreaming of wildflower-covered prairies, western meadowlarks and bluebirds, and ways of infusing that beauty into our new products coming this summer.  It has been a very busy and productive winter.  Spring doesn’t appear to be slowing down.  I am super excited to share with you what we have been up to.  I hope the shift in seasons and the return to light finds you happy and healthy and dreaming up new beginnings.