Following Our Natural Rhythm is a Sacred Ceremony

Spring Forward

This is a ritual we do either consciously or unconsciously. We are influenced by the constant cycles of the sun and moon, light and dark, warm and cold. In order to thrive our bodies have had to be intimately linked with these natural cycles and the seasons. Our bodies follow the seasons in ways that we know well. For example, as the days get longer our energy increases and we need less sleep. And here is an interesting fact ~ did you know that sunlight (natures full spectrum light) activates your endocrine system when it enters your eyes? And that your endocrine system is connected to your immune system and your nervous system? We need this light daily.

I love how Krystina Dryza writes about our connection to natures rhythms:

” Put simply, rhythm is fundamental to wellbeing. It is the keynote of nature. Not just a sign of life – it is life.


The cycles of nature guide our lives and their wisdom can be our wisdom too. We often forget that our body is part of the body of the universe and so when we reference, integrate and live the movements of the cosmos within our own selves, our lives too take on the same natural flow.


Seasonal, circadian, lunar and tidal forces influence our lives in profound ways – if only we can let them in and trust their intelligence. Nature isn’t to be conquered or controlled, only surrendered to. I work with these cycles not just as naturally occurring phenomena, but also as archetypal processes, metaphors, and symbolic influences.

Below is a brief description of the roles I believe each of these energies plays in our lives.


Seasonal: subdivisions of the year with noticeable changes in weather, ecology, and light, which invite acceptance and greater presence.
Circadian: physiology and behavior over a 24-hour period that encourages congruency and alignment.
Lunar: distinct phases of waxing and waning within an unchanging cycle that inspires reflection and appropriate phasing and pacing.
Tidal: the periodic rise and fall of large bodies of water, which promotes a state of effortlessness and flow. 

Remembering we are nature reconnects us to everything else. It returns us to our essence. Nature’s rhythms are the key to feeling in sync with life, but this isn’t a mental exercise. It’s not a frog-march intellectually. To familiarise ourselves with the flow of life . . . to feel the sea of energies . . . means allowing – not forcing. We ‘let’ things bubble up and happen in their own unique timing rather than forcibly ‘making’ them happen according to our personality’s schedule. To connect to something deeper than ideas and concepts – to the source that powers life – requires Presence.


When we’re flowing with the natural operating systems of this world, we’re traveling through life in a particular state of mind, energy, and manner. The quality of our experience of getting from A to B is infinitely enhanced when the path chosen is one that’s in harmony with life’s natural patterns and sequences of energy. To do this requires an awareness of the constantly changing equilibrium at play while allowing each idiosyncratic, poetic movement to guide us. [Sounds ‘mentally’ hard but when you’re ‘it’ in frequency, easy!] Only in this way can we confidently navigate the waters of life and witness the greater beauty that surrounds us.”


Spring is here and we are moving into her with all the energy of the young maiden; in love with the mystery of life, feeling magical, enthused, curious, open to trying new things, and knowing anything are possible and that all those endless possibilities are held within us. This is the time to explore your senses and delight in everything that spring has to give.

This week, as we move into the waxing, Gibbous Moon, also known as the time of the Maiden, gather her light and energy and stop.listen.feel. the unfolding of yourself.