The Holistic Foodie Detox

I explain why you should detox and gives tips and tricks that can make lasting positive changes to your health and well-being.

Detoxing is something that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is usually thought of as a quick fix and the approach to one is something that is associated with hunger, juicing and laxatives. This means they don’t address a lot of other areas that may need extra help in the detox department. And this is why I want to discuss three ways to effectively and successfully complete a detox.


Our bodies are intelligent and generally, they know how to effectively detox every day. This is done via different organs, our main ones being our kidneys, liver, colon, skin and our lungs. These organs know how to detox, however in today’s environment, things can become overburdened and our bodies can slow down and not be able to detox as effectively. This is due to a number of factors such as the food we eat, the additives in food/pesticides on food, the environment we live in, the air we breathe, the air in our homes, the products we use, alcohol, drugs, stress etc.

Giving our body a gentle break from most of these things can help to jumpstart our health and allow for us to detox a little more effectively.


  1.     Foods to incorporate and what to avoid
  2.     Beauty/personal care products
  3.     Lifestyle changes

The best way to go about a detox is to follow these three principles day in and day out, meaning that we are boosting our body’s natural ability to detox in small ways.


In short, you want to include the following: greens, veggies, foods rich in sulphuric compounds, plenty of fresh water, good quality protein sources, sprouts, herbs, lemons, apples, and beets.

The items you are going to want to avoid during a detox include coffee (green/herbal tea is ok), alcohol, refined sugar, refined carbs, gluten, red meat (unless grass fed), processed foods, dairy and foods high in trans fat (deep fried, inflammatory oils).


Your skin is a detox organ, it is also your largest organ and what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.

One great way to detox our skin is by dry brushing. It removes dead skin cells, and it also stimulates lymphatic drainage—a passive system that removes toxins from the tissues.


Exercise: When we are already stressed out and then we add on top of that more intense workouts, we are in turn spiking our cortisol levels (this is known as our stress hormone) and can cause issues for our adrenals (a gland that regulates our hormones and is responsible for the fight-flight response). During the detox, it is best especially in the first few days to take it easy with light exercises and movements.

Mindfulness: practicing mindfulness and meditation are two ways that allow us to be more present and in the moment. It also changes our brain, our emotions and even the way we look at ourselves and can help us practice gratitude. Incorporating new practices can do wonders for your mental health and promote a more balanced self-care routine.

Looking at our self-care routine, which includes all things like exercise to mindfulness you can begin to see how changing our lifestyle can lead to more balance. When we feel more balanced in our lives, we tend to take care of ourselves more in different ways and even make better choices when it comes to our health and wellness.