Crystal beauty regimens were part of every ancient civilization, and now they’ve made their way into our makeup routine as well. Using crystals for beauty not only feels like an at-home spa treatment, but they also provide energetic effects that take our skincare to the next level. Using crystals for beauty is part of our daily skincare routines, and it is a truly magical and refreshing experience.

Ways to Use Crystals for Beauty

1. Remove Toxins from the Body with Himalayan Sea Salt

The Himalayan salt bath benefits range from giving you a space to relax to a full body detox. Simply place 2-4 Himalayan Salt Rock pieces into a bath of hot water and allow them to dissolve as you bathe. Make sure you drink a lot of water before and during this healing bath to stay hydrated. The salt will draw toxins and excess water from your body. Doing so improves the look and feel of your skin.

2. Make Crystal Beauty Essences

We’ve already shared our favorite way to use raw aquamarine beauty water, but if you’ve missed it, the process is simple. Start by cleansing your crystals with warm filtered water to remove any dirt, then place the clean crystals in a glass bowl and cover them with filtered water. Set the bowl of crystals in the sunlight for a full day to absorb the sun energy. Then you can use the water to wash your face. We love using raw aquamarine and rose quartz stone for beauty, but you can use any stone that you feel called to use. You can use this same process if you make your own lotions, serums or face mists to infuse your products with the energy of crystals.

3. Smooth Tension and Wrinkles with A Jade Roller and Gem-Infused Serum

Jade rollers have been used for reducing puffiness, improving the immunes system and relieving stress and tension in the facial tissue since ancient China.

Our beautiful friend, Dayle Breault, theGoddess of Skin, is a skin alchemist, making holistic remedies that have deeply powerful and healing capabilities. She is a modern-day goddess that captivates the immense beauty of Mother Nature’s energy by handcrafting each of her skin remedies with the highest quality of natural herbs, oils, and extracts during New or Full moons while blessing them with the sound waves of Tibetan Mantras. Of course, they all also contain crystal infused distilled water.

Her Truthful Serum— a staple serum among celebrities like Cara Delevigne, Marisa Tomei, Tracee Ellis Ross,  Lenny, and Zoe Kravitz—is one of the most potent formulas for stimulating collagen in the skin and actively firms and moisturizes the skin while also providing deeply healing antioxidant benefits. Applying this unique potion with the use of a jade roller will give you the most luxurious and natural skin regenerative and healing facial experiences you’ve ever had. Dayle shares her expert wisdom for using this ancient tool with us.

How to Use a Jade Roller:

  1. Start by applying your serum or moisturizer.
  2. As the serum dissolves into the skin, you’ll want to apply a facial spritz such as Dayle’s Synergy Mist to provide your skin with moisture. This will prevent you from stretching your skin and damaging its elasticity during the jade rolling process. “Keep misting throughout the process— it will plump the skin cells and penetrate the product better,” Dayle says.
  3. Dayle stresses that it’s important to visualize a vertical line that runs from your forehead to your chest and to not cross that invisible line during this process. To effectively drain the lymphatic system, which minimizes swelling and puffiness in the skin and improves the look and health of the facial area, you need to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid in your face towards the ears or the collarbone, which are the two drainage points.
  4. Start in the middle of your forehead, remembering to treat your face as two halves. Gently glide the roller from the forehead out and down towards the ear. Continue to guide the toxins in your face outwards by massaging each section of your forehead towards the ear. Do not roll back and forth.
  5. Continue to work your way down your face, remembering to start in the middle and push the roller outwards all the way to the ear.
  6. When you reach your jawline, push the roller along the jaw, towards the ear and then down towards the collarbone.
  7. Continue from your jawline down, pushing the roller towards your collarbone.
  8. Repeat this process on the other side of your face.

To see a visual guide to this process, watch this video

4. Give Yourself a Beauty Crystal Acupuncture Treatment

Place your favorite healing crystals for beauty on your face where you need to relieve tension. The beauty crystals stimulate the meridian points of the face, which are energy lines that connect to our internal systems. When you touch the crystal beauty stones to these points, it energizes them. It also connects these points on the face to earth energy, something we aren’t often able to do. Lay with the stones on your face for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on what you’d like your crystal spa experience to be.