Sea Baby Essential Oils

Within this website, you will find my top 25 essential oils for children. This is not an all-inclusive list, there are other oils that are in fact safe for children, this just represents my top choices of oils that you can feel good about using on your littles.

Inside you will find details on the aroma of each oil, the oils they blend well with, a list of their therapeutics, and plenty of suggestions for use. Make note that all the oils listed, whether it is within the “blends well with” section or the “suggestion for use” section, will only include one of the top 25, for ease of use. I am non-biased when it comes to an essential oil brand, whatever you use/prefer will work for every recipe within.

Everything will be listed in the most user-friendly and safest way possible, always.

  • Special Note

All of the recipes/blends within are what I consider to be beginner’s blends. The more therapeutic use of essential oils needs a one on one consultation with an experienced Aromatherapist. I believe first and foremost in safe use. As a professional, if I can assist in helping to get essential oil enthusiasts feet wet using the oils in a safe manner, I have done a great service within our community as a whole.

Everyone starts at the beginning…

And, of course, our love for the sea…