Chamomile Roman {Anthemis nobilis}

Aroma Mantra… “I accept and love myself just as I am.”

Aroma… Sweet and fruity, reminiscent of apples.

Blends well with… All Citrus, Cedarwood Atlas, Geranium, Lavender, Neroli, and Sandalwood.

Therapeutic mentions… A superior essential oil for calming, it is in my top 3 essential oils for the littlest in the family. Very soothing to irritated skin of all varieties. A great tummy soother, and is helpful for overexertion. A must for your wellness kit.


Suggestions For Use…

Black and Blue 1% dilution

  • Chamomile Roman- 5 – drops
  • Helichrysum- 4 – drops
  • Lavender- 4 – drops
  • Evening Primrose Oil- 1 1/4  – ounce
  • Beeswax- 1/2 – ounce

Using a double boiler slowly melt the beeswax on very low heat. Once melted turn off the heat and let your mixture begin to cool, add primrose oil. Mix in your essential oils. Mix well; pour into a 2 oz tin. Let harden.

  • Do not apply to severely broken or cracked skin.

Red Light Rowdy {Diffuser blend}

  • Lavender- 4 – drops
  • Mandarin Red-3 – drops
  • Chamomile Roman-2 – drops

This blend is for a 400 mL water reservoir. Adjust accordingly.

Muscles Melt [Massage blend} 1% dilution

  • Mandarin Red-4 – drops
  • Cedarwood Atlas- 2 – drops
  • Chamomile Roman- 2 – drops
  • Sandalwood- 1- drop
  • Your choice carrier oil- 1 – ounce

Massage into the afflicted area. Store unused portion in a glass container.

  • Fun – Fact – Chamomile Roman has very high levels of esters in comparison to other essential oils. Therefore, it is an extraordinary calming essential oil.