Fragonia {Agonis fragrans}

Aroma Mantra… “I am relaxed and protected.”

Aroma… Floral, slightly fruity, herbaceous and medicinal.

Blends well with… Frankincense, Lavender, Orange Sweet, and Rosalina.

Therapeutic Mentions… Fragonia is exceptionally helpful at promoting a good night sleep. Try in places that you might Tea Tree as a softer aromatic option. This oil can support a healthy respiratory system. Can also assist with seasonal challenges. Fragonia, an oil you will love.

Suggestions for Use…

Monster Muzzle Room Spray 2% dilution, 2 oz glass spray bottle.

Fragonia – 15 drops

Lavender – 10 drops

Sweet Orange – 7 drops

WA Sandalwood – 4 drops

Alcohol {190 proof} 1.5 tbsp {vodka or everclear}

Fill 2 oz bottle with essential oils and alcohol and mix. Top off with water. Shake before use. Spray above linens before bed to relax and reassure. Can also spray a small child’s teddy bear or blanket {sparingly} to help promote restful sleep.

Restful Space {Diffuser blend}

Fragonia – 4 drops

Lavender – 3 drops

Orange Sweet – 3 drops

This blend is for a 400 ml water reservoir. Adjust accordingly.

Fragonia Essential Oil 10 mL

Fragonia is a powerhouse oil and is unsurpassed when used for supporting respiratory he… [More]

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